DLD Ed Consulting seeks to be a partner in the community. This company was formed due to our passion for helping others and we intend to back it up with more than words. We are looking to offer free comprehensive college support for a few high schools in Los Angeles. Our college prep courses are two hour sessions once a week for 4 weeks. During this college application process “crash course”, students will explore ideas and get top-notch advice on the steps they should take in order to attempt to get into a great school. They will also learn important tips for ┬átheir Financial Aid search.

During the 4 weeks students will delve into the following topics:

  1. Exploring College and Careers in General
  2. How do I decide where to apply?
  3. The application/Financial Aid
  4. College Orientation/Preparation

Students will leave the workshop armed with the knowledge necessary to make a great attempt at getting into school.

For information on how to get a workshop at your school, please reach out to us at (323) 377-8356 or by email at