Adaptability. One of the most important things everyone will have to remind themselves going forward. The past decade has been unique and enlightening. There should be absolutely nothing traditional about your approach going forward when it comes to your career and education.

Damien Danielly has an absolute passion for education, and has dedicated his life to teaching people how to educate themselves in the most efficient and effective manner. Being equipped with this knowledge allows individuals to maximize their career opportunities and accomplishments.

Damien’s career in education has spanned over 10 years covering for-profit schools and non-profit schools alike. He’s served in student support roles as well as taught K-12. These wide variety of roles he’s served in has allowed him to have a very bird’s eye view of education and helps with his problem solving capabilities. He can often have an empathetic view because he’s worked in most capacities or very closely with them. His educational background (MBA) brings a unique perspective to an industry littered with EDD graduates. The most innovative schools are bringing in individuals like Damien because they realize in many instances, their industry experience often makes them more understanding and responsive to student’s wants and needs.

Industry is driving education. Employers are less concerned about what degree you have and more concerned with what skills you possess. A Bachelor’s Degree is the new high school diploma.

How are you going to distinguish yourself from the crowd? What skills do you have now that will still be relevant 10 years from now? Am I too old to learn a new skill, I do not want to spend 4 years learning something new?

These are questions we all should be thinking about. Understanding where education is going and learning the steps to position yourself for success is more than half the battle. Damien is here to support with that.

Upon graduating from the University of Southern California, Damien spent a brief bout in the business world developing the skills necessary to finish his MBA.  Damien currently works as an educator in multiple capacities. He is the Director of a Career Center at a local community college. He works privately with families supporting them with developing career plans. Damien also speaks, doing workshops and presentations surrounding career development and education. Damien specifically loves working with young adults with Autism and various other learning differences.  The sheer joy that results from seeing students achieve success and make it one step closer to their goals has been what has propelled Damien to want to make educational consulting his life’s passion.


Here at DLD Ed Consulting, the absolute passion is career success through proper educational planning.  DLD Ed Consulting wholeheartedly believes that a positive educational experience can help a student not only learn what they need to in order to pursue a great career, but can also help them learn how to be an adult, which can be just as important as academics.  College provides an opportunity for growth in many other areas including social thinking, political activism, and community involvement.  A well-rounded experience is the best experience giving students the best opportunity to succeed in a continually progressing society.

Our Values

  • Honesty – The best interest of the student is what is most important and every decision is made with that in mind.
  • Customer Service – College can be tough to figure out even if you attended years ago. It is much more competitive.  Everything within a school environment is important from degree programs to political climate.  Let me help you figure that out.
  • Patience-When you are talking tens, maybe hundreds of thousands dollars that could be lost as a result of a hasty decision, there is no such thing as a dumb questions or too many. Hand holding is provided and sometimes necessary.
  • Fun-I love educational consulting so when you work with me there is “mandatory fun.” This must be an enjoyable experience as college needs to be enjoyable if a student wants to be successful.
  • Excellence-Nobody is perfect but that does not mean we will not reach for the stars. I will work hard and if the family works hard we will find a great fit for your student!