DLD Ed Consulting provides academic and educational services for students all across the board whether in high school, college, or vocational programs. DLD Ed Consulting supports the traditional student who seeks a college degree directly after college. We also support the non-traditional student which includes adult learners, and students who need additional support or advice because a learning difference may be hindering progress. Even if there is a service we do not list….ASK! At DLD Ed Consulting we understand education is constantly shifting and evolving. With the changes comes the needs for new strategies and techniques to support students and we are open to these ideas!

ACADEMIC CONSULTING – Support includes finding appropriate school setting (College, Vocational Program, etc.), assisting with application process, helping family maximize financial aid, SAT Prep, and college assimilation process.

  • Meet with the student and parent
  • Review transcripts, reports, testing, etc.
  • Recommended plan of action
  • Tutoring for testing
  • Coach school selection and application process
  • Support parents for duration of placement
  • Follow up with school, counselors, therapists, etc.

CAREER SUPPORT – Support includes working with individual to ensure they are on a proper career path.

  • Career skills review
  • Career assessment
  • Career exploration
  • Goal setting
  • Career Plan
  • Gain necessary skills and experience (If necessary)
  • Support in work environment

SPECIAL NEEDS/INDEPENDENT LIVING SUPPORT – These services vary and primarily depend on the student. Whether students and parents are looking for academic support, a mentor, living skills, or social skills, we work with parents to create a plan that can give everyone hope. Here at DLD Ed Consulting we understand that non-traditional learning techniques often result in allowing unique students to have the opportunity to thrive.