“The same advantage as the affluent, minus the affluent price tag.”

Every student deserves an opportunity at education and everyone deserves it at a reasonable price. Whether a student wants to go to community college, state school, or one of the most elite, expensive colleges in the country, it should be something they can afford.  No Debt Academy puts the student and their family in the driver’s seat! Getting into a great school with scholarships is just as much about timing as anything else and having the expert advice of a 10 year plus veteran in college counseling will absolutely help with that.

Over the course of the program students focus on:

  • Recommendations for High School
  • SAT /ACT
  • College Search
  • College Application
  • Career Exploration
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Campus Integration

No Debt Academy students can join at any point of their high school experience. In fact, the earlier students get started, the better their opportunity to get into the college of their choice with additional scholarship money.

No Debt Academy has a curriculum and scheduled timeline of events for all grade levels.

The biggest mistake families make is the wait too late, even if they think they are starting early, it’s never really early enough. Every year students have specific focuses that prep them towards getting into a school that is a great fit for them.

  • Freshman focus on high school academics and activities, career exploration, and intro to colleges.
  • Sophomores dive a bit deeper into the career exploration as well as college search. They prepare for and take the PSAT in preparation for next year’s testing.
  • Junior year the process intensifies. Students prepare for and take SAT/ACT. Students begin to narrow down college choices and even begin to apply for early acceptance status. The financial aid search begins. Students also continue to focus on career objectives.
  • Finally as seniors, we are beginning preparations for next year. This is the most intense portion for students and families as they prepare for their last year at home. This includes final college applications, final financial aid applications, and prepping for college arrival. By February or March we usually will have a well laid out plan for the student.

No Debt academy features a month by month curriculum in which we slowly build towards the ultimate task of applying for college. Starting early with a professional who has spent over a decade working with various admissions departments will put your students in a situation in which they are mentored by an individual who will tell them everything “right” to do in this process. The ultimate goal being, get the student in the college that BEST fits that individual while doing it at the LOWEST cost to the family possible!!!

New Cohorts in Los Angeles and San Diego starting in April.

Call at (323) 377-8356 or email at for more information.